SELF-guided walking tour

With the self-guided tour app
you can explore the diverse voices
of people of African descent.
Their stories, experiences
& journeys. All told in
the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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1 Chloe Cooley:

Narrator: Allan Louis

Chloe Cooley: Sarah Rowe

Adam Vrooman: Vanya Abraham 

Attorney General John White: Patrick McManus

Peter Martin: Andre Sills


2 The Waters Family   

Narrator/John: Allan Louis

Humphrey Waters Jr: Andre Sills

James Waters: Vanya Abraham


3 Richard Pierpont 

Narrator: Andre Sills

Richard Pierpont: Allan Louis

Lt. Gov. John Graves Simcoe: Patrick McManus 


4 The Moseby Affair

Narrator: Allan Louis

Solomon Moseby: Vanya Abraham

Sally Carter: Juliet Dunn                 

Herbert Holmes: Andre Sills

Francis Bond Head / Alexander Stewart/ David Castleman:  Patrick McManus 


5 Daniel Waters 

Narrator: Allan Louis

Daniel Waters: Vanya Abraham


6 William Steward Home: Coloured Village

Narrator: Allan Louis

Susannah Steward: Juliet Dunn


7 The Coloured Corps:

Narrator: Andre Sills

Robert Scott: Vanya Abraham

Robert Jupiter/Richard Pierpont: Allan Louis

General Brock: Patrick McManus              


8 Fanny Rowley

Narrator: Allan Louis 

Fanny: Sarah Rowe

William Riley: Allan Louis

App credits

Writer/Director: Barbara Worthy 

Research & Script Consultant: Natasha Henry 

Recording Engineer:  Joe Lapinksi, at his studio:

“Wow!” Recording Studio and Creative Music Space, St. Catharines, ON